To my knowledge, the 1973 box is the only one these figures ever came in, although the fourteen figure pack serial number is listed in catalogues (as were the other three Waterloo sets). This set was actually the last of the Napoleonic sets to be released, despite it's serial number being first in line! It is an excellent set, done in the grey plastic familiar to all the Napoleonic sets, and there are fifteen poses included! There would have been sixteen but a second officer pose was disputed by Britains at the time for being too close to their own Grenadier officer (as far as I am aware, Airfix and Britains used the same sculptor at the time). This last pose is now found in American re-issues.



1973 BOX      


15 POSES - EXCELLENT!          THE LOST OFFICER from a US CTS re-issue and 14 of the sixteen poses from CTS

This is the artwork seen in the 1977 catalogue.