This set made it into the 1976 catalogue (remember these catalogues were generally printed in January of each year) and didn't appear until months afterwards. The 7th Cavalry, an excellent 24 piece addition to the American West Series, debuted in December 1976's Airfix Magazine. This is another set containing mounted figures, six this time in five poses and with six dis-mounted poses. Riders and saddles were moulded in yellow with the horses in grey. Strangely, the second edition box has a wrong parts count on it - on the side of the box it states "THIS SET CONTAINS FOUR MOUNTED FIGURES"!! As with the Cowboys and Indians sets, this one too is listed in catalogues as being available in standard packs at the time of their appearance but I have never seen the sets in the first standard packs. Also, the illustration in the 1976 catalogue is another in the 1973 style wrongly stating "22 SCALE PIECES".


1975 TARGET BOX.  The second box-front is almost identical to the "NEW" one but it states on the side of it that there are FOUR mounted figures when, in fact, as we all know, there are actually six!

Here we see the incorrect announcement that the box contains only four mounted figures.


1980 SUPER PACK                                                                        1980 STANDARD PACK


Eleven poses plus horses.                        Baseless figures and saddles with moulding lugs attached.

This is how the artwork looked in the 1976 catalogue.