This excellent set first appeared in the 1983 Airfix "Modellers' Manual" (basically the usual catalogue but now with modelling tips and advice). There were fourteen figures per box and in seven black plastic poses. The set appears to have been inspired by the Iranian Embassy siege of 1980 and possibly the SAS's exploits during the then recent Falklands War. The figures are now highly sought after by collectors.


1983 CPG BOX




Seven poses and a full, unpainted set.  Thanks to Norman Pelz for these images.

Here is a full set, painted by my own fair hand about fifteen years ago!


Yellow mouldings!  June 2008 saw these five figures come up for auction on eBay.  The seller acquired them from a school friend in 1983 (their year of release).  They are moulded in exactly the same polystyrene as the Cowboys, 7th Cavalry and Footballers sets (and, of course, that set of horses I found in the Cowboys set!!) and are obviously Airfix originals.  I wonder how many other sets possibly went through an initial or test run on a different colour plastic than the colour we are all used to!  Or did Airfix simply have an abundance of yellow polystyrene in the early eighties that they just needed to get rid of?!  The two pictures on the right show them painted as they were when I bought them.