Although I haven't found an official release date for this set, it was mentioned in an Airfix Magazine article in May 1970 which suggests a release before that date. This would tie in with their initial release in the first version of the Brown Box. The set first appeared in the Airfix Catalogue in the 1970 (seventh) edition. This is an excellent seven pose set, moulded in light grey until Humbrol's reissue in orange in 1986.


FIRST ISSUE BROWN BOX                                                           THIRD ISSUE BROWN BOX


1973 TARGET BOX                                                                         1976 TARGET BOX




1977 STANDARD PACK                                                     1986 HUMBROL BOX.  Note the artwork has been reversed for this set - i.e. mirror image.



The first photo shows all seven poses.  The second photo has a full set of twenty-nine figures with mould numbers 1 to 29 with the exception of the officer who never seems to have had a number moulded on.  I placed him in the "14" position for the photo but I am unsure if this is correct.  Next is what you might find in a mint and un-played with set, i.e. the seven prone figures with all the moulding lugs attached.  The fourth photo shows the Humbrol re-issues in orange plastic followed by two shots showing differences in base shapes.  The most obvious of these is the machine-gunner with the relatively wide base.