This next issue of modern soldiers was another twenty-nine piece, seven pose set. This one was moulded in olive green and was released in January 1978, having been included in the previous year's catalogue. Note there is no black edged new box, only the yellow one. This set doesn't appear to have made it into the 1977 standard packs despite the ones either side of it having done so. If anyone knows any different........




1976 GERMAN ISSUE BOX.  Note the removal of the "potato-masher" grenade from the later artwork.


1980 and 1981 STANDARD PACK                                                                                   


1986 HUMBROL BOX with alternative reverse layouts.


Seven poses.                                  Full set numbered 1 to 29.                        Three prone gunners with moulding lugs attached.


These two pics show differences in base shapes.  The second photo is from three different machine-gunners.  This might seem a bit extreme and the two on the right are only very slightly different but I do feel it is necessary to mention these slight differences.

Airfix is well known for it's accuracy in producing kits etc but here's "one that got away". When this set was first introduced, the grenade thrower had the WWII "potato-masher" type of grenade. The grenade was quickly blocked off in the mould to produce a more accurate figure. Unfortunately the box-art "got away" too as you can see from the pictures.