Below are listed some links which may be helpful and also have additional information not found on this site.  You will also be able to buy (or sell) at some of these locations.   The official Airfix website   This is a good way to get to speak to other Airfix enthusiasts.  Simply click the link and join the group!   Excellent site where you'll find masses of kits, figures etc both old and collectable and up to date too.  I have dealt with Vince Webb, who runs the site with his wife, many times and can guarantee an excellent level of service.  Eric Williamson's excellent HO/00 dedicated site which I have spent many hours perusing despite not really having much of an interest in the smaller figures - his site is that good!   This is a great site run by Norman Peltz in Germany.  Many thanks to Norman for the images he has supplied me with in order to make my website a bit more "complete".   Kent Sprecher's US site has a multitude of figures for sale.   Another great site run by keen Belgian collector, Guy Meysmans.   Dave James' excellent site dedicated to collecting everything Airfix.    Photogallery of HO/00 Airfix figures and boxes.   Excellent collector's site.   This site carries out reviews of figure sets from many companies in the smaller scales, i.e. HO/00, 1/72 and 1/76.   Alain de Vleminck from Belgium hosts this excellent site - check it out!