Second in the American West Series, the excellent Indians set was a wonderful addition to the range. Originally moulded in brick-red, there were ten foot and 2 mounted poses, as well as the saddles (or blankets in this case) and horses as with the Cowboys. This set, too, was listed for release in June 1975 and appeared in the catalogue of the same year. When they were re-released in 1995, in foot poses only, they were moulded in a brighter orange colour.  Notice that on the Window Box the set title has been made more politically correct.


1974 BOX  Note, as with the Cowboys set, the amendment to the set details at the bottom left next to the scale figure on the front.


1975 BOX                                                                                        1980 SUPER PACK


1980 AND 1981 STANDARD PACK                                                                                   1995 SIX FIGURE BAG


Twelve poses plus horses and saddles - and the saddles with moulding lugs.  These are difficult to find still attached to the saddles as the link is very thin.  The third photo shows the 1996 re-issues in lighter orange plastic.

Here is how the 1977 Airfix catalogue depicted the Indians set.