This excellent fourteen pose set was listed in the 1977 Airfix Catalogue and was officially released in May of that year. Moulded in olive green, these figures were slightly smaller than the previous sets, denoting the smaller stature of these fierce fighters. The 29 pieces set has excellent poses and even includes a "dead man".

An interesting point to note with this set is that the set title is incorrect on all but the 1977 box.  However, the 1976 boxes seem to have the correct spelling on the reverse within the "history".


1976 "NEW" BOX                                                                            1976 BOX


1977 STANDARD PACK with two alternative reverse layouts.  Notice the set title is spelled correctly!  I wonder if there is an alternative with the incorrect spelling?


1986 HUMBROL BOX with two alternative reverse layouts.


Fourteen poses.                                   Full set numbered 1 to 8, 11 to 13, 15 to 25, 28 to 34 and the final four figures have no mould numbers although the

                                                           officer is the later one anyway which would not have been numbered.



Prone/dead figures with moulding lugs.  Two officers with different base shapes.  The later one is on the right.   And more base shape differences.                         

I purchased these figures from a seller on eBay in 2002. He assured me that an uncle of his worked at the Airfix factory in the seventies which produced these figures and that these are test shots before the actual production run took place. I have never seen anything like these before or since purchasing them. They are moulded in brittle plastic and, as you will see, they are missing gun tips etc because of this. I would welcome any comments on these figures.