The January 1977 issue of the Airfix Magazine saw the release of this, another excellent fourteen pose set. In addition to the figures there were two machine-gun bipods on their own sprue for the prone gunners. These pieces are generally absent from second-hand sets as once they were removed from the sprue, they could quite easily slip out of the box ends. The pieces came in dark blue originally, grey in the Humbrol boxes and the 1995 re-release saw them come in tan with no bipods! Despite the official release in January 1977, they can be found in the 1976 catalogue, the illustration showing a 1973 type box - no French translations and "29 32ND SCALE FIGURES".


1975 "NEW" TARGET BOX                                                             1975 TARGET BOX






1977 STANDARD PACK with alternative reverse layouts.


1980 AND 1981 STANDARD PACK                                                                                  


1986 HUMBROL BOX with alternative reverse layouts.                                                         1995 SIX FIGURE BAG



FOURTEEN POSES plus two sprued bipods.    Full set numbered 1 to 30 with the exception of 26 which seems the ideal place for the bipods!


Prone figures with moulding lugs and the two machine gun bipods on their sprues followed by a shot of part of a later Humbrol set in a more greyish colour and the 2009 re-release in a darker version of the German Infantry's lovely blue colour!  Despite purchasing five boxes in 2010 I didn't find any prone figures.  However, I did find four bipods for the prone machine-gunners!  The last pic shows the two different officer bases.


1995 re-issues in tan - no bipods available now as far as I am aware -  and later officer with larger base on the right of the second pic.

This is a shot of a mock-up box for the 1976 catalogue. Note that it is in the style of the 1973 boxes.