It was surely only a matter of time before Airfix released Cowboys and Indians!! June 1975 saw the official release of both sets as well as their inclusion in the 1975 catalogue. Both these sets were listed in later catalogues with a serial number for the newly introduced "standard pack" but they don't appear to have been issued in the smaller sets until 1980. The sets were the first to include mounted figures and separate saddles. This set had yellow plastic Cowboys and saddles with grey horses. There were ten separate foot poses including a Sheriff, two mounted poses (times two) and two different horse positions (the horses would be the same for all three of the American West Series sets). When this set was re-released in 1995 it had foor figures only and was moulded in olive green.


1974 BOX.  Note the amendment to the set details at the bottom left next to the scale figure on the front.


1975 BOX                                                                                         1980 SUPER PACK



THE EXTREMELY ELUSIVE 1977 STANDARD PACK - IT EXISTS!  Many thanks to Norman Pelz in Germany for these images.


1980 AND 1981 STANDARD PACK                                                                                   1995 SIX FIGURE BAG


Twelve poses plus horses and saddles then a photo of four saddles.  The two on the left are the original saddles and the other two are found in the later 1980/81 boxes - note they have had the reins blocked off on the mould.  Next is a shot of the 1995 re-issues in green plastic.  Note no mounted figures as there are no horses!

Now here's one of those anomalies that turns up, just when you think you've got it all worked out. I bought a 1981 set at the end of July 2004 which was sealed and one I needed for my research. However, the box was fairly badly crushed. I decided to cut one end of the shrinkwrap and slide it off to allow me to solidify the box. Imagine my surprise when I emptied the contents to find the usual Airfix horses but moulded in the same yellow as the figures! They had been packed at the solid end of the box, away from the window so I had no idea what they looked like. I had never seen this occurrence before. I wonder how many more of these are circulating.  And what about the Indians' horses - is there a similar case with them?