The 1971 twelfth edition catalogue heralded the release of another addition to the Military Series - the Buildings range of snap-together kit.  The catalogue prototype shot does no justice to the first offering, the Strongpoint, but does illustrate the basic parts of the kit.  Two years later, the 1973 catalogue included two additions to the range, the Desert Outpost and the Bamboo House.  These three items catered for all the figures Airfix had in the range at that time with the obvious exception of the Footballers!  Three years later and the final addition appeared in the 1976 catalogue in the form of a battle damaged bridge, a watch tower, sentry box and another couple of items and this was simply called "Checkpoint".  This is now the most sought after kit in the range and changes hands for much more than old price labels might indicate!

The Strongpoint came with a set of national flags for the flag pole and this is the only kit to have such an inclusion.







BROWN BOX                                                                                                   STRONGPOINT CONTENTS


1973 BOX


1974 BOX                                                                                                                   1973 AND 1974 BOX ENDS


1975 BOX


1973 BOX                                                                            1976 BOX


1976 BOX