Right, now things start to get a bit more interesting. This set only had seventeen figures.....but also had a whopping fifty-eight pieces of equipment on three sprues!! Also, this was the first set to have more than seven (or eight if you include the Germans) poses. Ten different poses could be found along with the numerous items in the accessory set. Another point well worth mentioning about the Support Group is that there seem to have been communication problems during the processing of the boxes, resulting in the first 1973 boxes being printed with the standard (to date) "29 32nd Scale Figures" text on the front, a mistake which was simply rectified in this first case by applying a red circular sticker over the text. I haven't found a release date for this set, but it was mentioned in an Airfix advert in the August 1973 magazine and made it's first appearance in the Airfix Catalogue in 1972. The set was only issued in olive green.



1973 TARGET BOX first with red sticker and then the same but "NEW" printed on it.


1973 TARGET BOX with the correct parts count.                            1976 TARGET BOX








The first photo here shows all ten poses and the full accessory set on sprues.  Next is a full set with mould numbers 1 to 17 (nothing on the accessories), followed by the baseless figures complete with moulding lugs and then a close-up of the accessories.  This is what you will ideally find in a full set. The fifty-eight piece accessory set is excellent and is complete with Vickers Machine-guns and Mortars. This set is from a later box and has a lot of "flash" around the ammunition belts/boxes on the left sprue.  Next is the 2010 re-issued set in a "normal" looking olive green.  The final two shots show a paper insert with the positioning guide on it and the artwork for the set in the 1972 catalogue.  You can almost imagine this as a frame from a Hotspur or Victor war story!