This seven pose set appeared for release in the October magazine alongside the German set and also first appeared in the 1970 catalogue. There are two slightly different officer poses available with this set - one appears slightly bulkier than the other and this is easily overlooked without examining the two together. This set always came in olive green and had the brittleness problem early in it's life.


FIRST ISSUE BROWN BOX                                                            THIRD ISSUE BROWN BOX


1973 TARGET BOX                                                                          1976 TARGET BOX


1976 USAIRFIX BOX                                                                      1978 TARGET BOX




1977 STANDARD PACK with alternative reverse issues.


1981 STANDARD PACK                                                      1986 HUMBROL BOX


2009 HORNBY BOX  note they are now called WWII U.S. Infantry.




Figure shots are seven poses, a full compliment of base-less figures with all the moulding lugs, two alternative officers (I think the one on the right was added for the 1977/1978 Standard and Super packs - and he certainly looks a bit beefier looking and more purposeful!), two photos showing the difference between the quality of moulding from the UK on the left and USAirfix on the right, and a shot showing a very dark moulding which I at first thought as being a Hong Kong or China copy but it seems to be of the same quality as the "real" Airfix one on the right.

The last two are the 2009 re-releases, in a darker shade of green this time and still with the two different officer poses.

8th October 2005.  The darker figure in the photo above is indeed an Airfix production.  It would appear that this was the first offering of this set but it wasn't too popular, which would explain why this is the only one I've ever seen.  Thanks to Clive Smith for that information (he had a full set in this colour at one point).

16th October 2005.  Thanks to John McIllmurray for this picture of all seven poses in the dark green.

30th October 2005.  This is a small group which I already had in my collection and suddenly thought "I should comment on these guys too!".  I picked them up amongst other figures in a batch and at first glance thought they were [roughly] painted originals.  However, on closer inspection they are actually copies and appear to have been factory painted.  They are slightly smaller in scale than the real thing but seem to be faithful copies.  They are almost as good as the Bachmann copies in fact.  Maybe someone out there is familiar with these ones?