The Afrika Korps set was mentioned in a figure modelling article in the May 1972 Airfix Magazine. I have not found any official release date for this set. First appearance in the Airfix Catalogue was in 1971. This set was, like it's British Eighth Army counterpart, moulded in tan and then in dark tan when re-released by Humbrol in 1986. This was the first set in the range to include accessories (along with the seven individual poses) - the four ammunition cans for the prone machine-gunners. You would normally find four of these in a large box, on one or two sprues. The smaller boxes, I think, were more of a lottery. You might get two, maybe four and sometimes none at all!



SECOND ISSUE BROWN BOX                                                     THIRD ISSUE BROWN BOX


1973 TARGET BOX                                                                         1976 TARGET BOX


1976 USAIRFIX BOX                                                                      1978 SUPER PACK


1977 STANDARD PACK                                                                                                    1984 CPG BOX - HO/00 Figure Art!







Seven poses available in this set but with the addition of four ammunition cans on a sprue.  Next, a full set of figures numbered 1 to 29 (except the officer who has no number) plus the ammo cans followed by the 2009 set in a slightly darker colour although the flash in the picture doesn't show this very well.  The next is a shot of the difference in the two officers' bases.  Strangely, although the rest of the set had mould numbers on them, the officer didn't. So the only way to differentiate between the original and later officers is from the base shape - the original here is on the right.  The fourth photo shows a full compliment of prone machine-gunners with two moulding lugs attached to each.  In a full set of Afrika Korps, you should find four of the ammo cans as seen in the fifth photo. It is probably easier to find them still attached to the sprue such as this than loose as they would have been lost more easily when removed. To find them at all is quite rare though - what use were these little boxes to a young boy going into battle with his toy soldiers? The last photo shows a "short moulding" , i.e. the material has not reached the extremities of the mould.


This is the CTS re-issued set in tan.  Still with the ammo cans!